My Purpose In Life:

To empower people to live, love, and lead in the story they were made for by developing healthy habits that bridge their identity and dreams because everyone should live a meaningful life.

Brad O'Hara

Culture Advisor | Coach

back story
my backstory

My Backstory.

As a storyteller I’ve had the opportunity to help many companies tell great stories over the past two decades. I also got the opportunity to look “behind the curtain” into their day to day business.

What I saw broke my heart and challenged my chosen profession.

I saw a lot of unhealthy, broken cultures where people were just desperately trying to survive…and marketing was an attempt to make things better.

The people I love serving didn’t need marketing help. As a matter of fact, focusing on marketing was hurting most of their businesses…not growing them.

I made a life changing decision. I started helping leaders get clarity about their actual story, and began seeing the impact of healthy culture in organizations…and it’s way bigger and longer lasting than a well told marketing campaign.

So, that’s what I do. I help leaders create meaningful, measurable cultures.


My Approach.

Culture is a powerful word being carelessly tossed around, applauded at conferences, and usually talked about in the context of contentment, or through the HR lens of benefits and rewards.

The reality?

Culture isn’t some mythical unicorn roaming the halls of cool tech companies and V.C. funded dreams.

It’s real. It’s tangible. And your people want you to lead it.

Over the past 15+ years I’ve developed and refined the IDH Framework for healthy culture, and it’s my approach. Every company is unique, so the journey will be unique, but I focus on three areas to create culture.

My Approach
my heart

My Heart.

Whether you reach out to engage or you’ve read this page and I never hear from you or know who you are; I want to encourage you that you are made for a purpose, your life can be meaningful, and you can make a tremendous difference in the world around you.

Hard times will come. You can’t control that. What you can control, is how you will respond and walk through them.

Grace and Peace,
Brad O’Hara

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