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One of the greatest tragedies I encounter on a daily basis, is the belief that a healthy work culture is about the contentment and enjoyment of those involved. As a result, most leaders I work with have tried to make work more fun…and discovered that it just became more frustrating for everyone.

My approach is not about warm/fuzzy feelings or ping pong tables. I work with leaders to build meaningful, measurable, top down cultures that will help their organizations succeed for a long time to come.



The first part of a healthy culture is discovering and/or clarifying who you are, because you are asking your people to buy in to and own the group identity.



Next, it is vital to point that identity in a clear, shareable, and community owned vision. It is what will unify the team to live out their shared identity.



Finally, building healthy and measurable habits is the key to realizing dreams. Without habits, unmet expectations will cause frustration and failure.

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